Individually Labeled Items: How to Make Them Work for You

For over 30 years, Maple Ridge Farms has been known for gourmet food gifts. As time has gone on, we have been getting more and more requests for smaller gifts, individually wrapped and ready to hand out. After much testing, we finally found the perfect items and this year launched our individually wrapped, custom labeled selections!

Not only do we have the Belgian Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Oreos® that we’d introduced last year, we also now offer other tasty baked goods, nut, and chocolate selections, including our famous Chocolate Covered Almonds. They’re all individually wrapped and each comes with a custom label featuring your or your client’s design.

These items are ideal for tradeshow handouts! Food helps to draw traffic into the booth, presenting opportunities for contact that might otherwise be missed. It’s also impossible to underestimate the goodwill that sharing scrumptious treats can build; they certainly leave a good taste in any recipient’s mouth, literally and figuratively!

Although tradeshow handouts are great, don’t let that limit their usage. Some other uses we have heard for these delicious items are:

  • Gift for listening to a presentation
  • Meeting snacks
  • Goodie bags
  • Hospitality suite handouts
  • Sales call handouts
  • Office walk-in handouts
  • Table favors
  • Hotel pillow gifts
  • Conference handouts

Truly, their applications are nearly limitless–let your imagination be your guide! Whether you’re looking for a means to attract tradeshow attendees to your booth, a small snack to include in a goodie bag, or an individually wrapped item for a project or meeting, these items will fit the bill. Don’t forget to let us know how you use them–we love to hear everyone’s unique ideas!

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