Using Edibles as Promotional Gifts for Events

Office BalloonsSome people might argue that using promotional food items creates short-lived goodwill, but leaves the recipient less likely to retain a lasting impression.  We disagree!  Whether sweet, salty, savory or subtle, using gourmet food as part of your promotional approach during events will have your recipients talking long after they leave.

Gourmet food gifts are versatile!  There are many different ways to incorporate promotional food items into your events, and the type of events that they work for can be limitless.  Here we will take a look at some of the most popular occasions for adding food gifts: 


The history of trade shows can be traced back to ancient times when merchants were encouraged to display their reserves for the purpose of strengthening commerce and prosperity within the empire. The model has evolved over time as a way for exhibitors to display their goods and services, as well as expand their customer base while retaining current ones.

Trade shows are a great way to hand out samples of new or current products, helping create a “buzz” in the industry. But what happens when you are promoting a service rather than a good? What happens when it’s not cost-effective or size-appropriate to distribute samples of your product? You still want to send your visitors on their way with a reminder of our business, don’t you?

CL1502_NoBkgdUsing a high-quality gourmet treat branded with your logo or information is a great way to spark an impression and generate goodwill. Trade shows are often day-long (or even multi-day) events. A small treat can be just the pick-me-up they need! Not sure what to offer? Try the new Maple Ridge Farms line of Individually Labeled Gourmet Snack Packs!  We have a Pennsylvania distributor whose customer, a chain of medical facilities, uses these items for goodie bags at tradeshows, meetings, and in hospitality suites. 

Room Gifts

Often when organizations are planning large events such as annual meetings, retreats and conferences, their attendees stay in hotels for the duration.  In this situation, having the hotel place a special treat in their room is an easy way make the event memorable.  This is another great opportunity for promotional food gifts.  They offer something delicious to welcome the attendees during their stay, while often sending them home with a small memento of the occasion. 

A simple idea can create instant gratification and residual value.  A San Jose computer company placed one of our Gourmet Cheese and Sausage Assortments in rooms prior to the arrival of sales reps attending an annual meeting.  A note was placed in each food gift saying, “Welcome to our National Sales Meeting.”  The reps enjoyed the cheese, sausage, crackers and candy while at the event, and then took home the fire-branded cutting board as a memento of the meeting.  For the recipient, it certainly beats “hotel food,” and their appreciation level toward the giver – you or your client – will soar.  For you, that means a healthier bottom line.

But your ideas don’t need to stop there.  If your client plans a meeting where someone is left at home, gifts sent to a spouse will generate goodwill.  An automobile manufacturer hosting a meeting for dealers timed the delivery of a box of Chocolate Almonds (CR124) to arrive at homes during the meeting.  An enclosed card stated, “Thank you for lending us your spouse.” 

Commemorative Items

When you are looking for a unique gift for recipients at an event such as a grand opening, reunion, corporate party, picnic or other gathering, don’t discount food gifts!  Distributing “munchies” complete with a branded logo during the event helps to create a impressive experience for every person in attendance.  The idea is to appeal to their senses, striking an emotional chord.

Event - Golf - Item K190One distributor came to us looking for something exceptional to be handed out at an annual golf event.  They knew they could go with towels, tees, or water bottles, but that had been done before.  They wanted something fresh.  After talking through a variety of options, they decided on a Maple Ridge Farms Wooden Collector’s Box filled with Jumbo Cashews and English Butter Toffee.  The lid of the box was then fire-branded with the event name, logo, and date.  The boxes served as a treat during play and provided a token of the day to take home with them. 

Other Ideas

Although tradeshows, room gifts and commemorative items are among the most popular uses for promotional food gifts outside of the holidays, these events are hardly the limits.  Don’t forget about table favors, purchase incentives, invitation ride-alongs, or simply a token of appreciation.

For other food gift giving opportunities, be sure to check out our previous blog about selling Outside the Fourth Quarter.

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