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We are the make it happen team! What this means is if you have a request, we will find a way to fill it!



We are widely known for our delicious gourmet food, but what many customers don’t realize is that we also offer specialty products such as gluten free items, kosher, healthy options and custom gifts that pretty much cover whatever you envision. One of our key principals is that we are the make it happen team!” What this means is if you have a request, we will find a way to fill it!


At this time, Maple Ridge Farms is happy to offer over 20 different gift components, and 120 individual gifts, which are available certified Kosher.  If the gift your customer is interested in is available Kosher (as noted in our catalog or on our website), simply be sure to request “Certified Kosher” on your purchase order.  We can even build custom kosher gifts with minimums starting as low as 24 pieces.

Gluten-free items

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We have 22 gluten free items in the 2014 catalog and website.

We have 22 gluten free items in our 2014 catalog . Gluten-free has become more prominent in the news as a concern for some individuals, including those with celiac disease or those with sensitivity to gluten. (Click here for more information on gluten free eating from the Mayo clinic.) If the perfect gluten free food gift doesn’t jump off the page at you or your client, we will be happy to look at custom options.

Healthy food items

Because our food gifts are generally a special treat, the health benefits are not usually of great concern. You would be surprised to see how many gourmet sweet treat we send out with the logos of dentists, doctors, hospitals, and other health care professionals! With that said, we also carry a number of gift items that, besides being delicious, are also good for you. Read the blog article Health Benefits of Chocolate, Nuts & Cheese for ideas and details.

Organic food

Food items containing the label “Organic” must contain 95% organic ingredients. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established an organic certification program that requires all organic foods meet strict government standards. These standards regulate how such foods are grown, handled and processed. When sourcing organic options, we typically find that the organic price tag is prohibitive for most clients.  The nature of a business gift is something consumed as a special treat, and the higher organic price tag has generally deterred customers from this option. With that said, we are always happy to source organic food gift items for you as a custom gift option.

Event or regional themes, anything custom

Maple Ridge Farms traditionally does 20-25% of orders each year in custom gifts.  Whether designing a gift from scratch or modifying an existing item, custom gifts are something that you can offer your client to give yourself an edge over the competition.  Whether it’s a theme or event, a regional preference or a particular set of circumstances, we will work with you to come up with a package sure to knock their socks off!

At Maple Ridge, we love a challenge! What is the oddest food item request you have ever encountered?

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