Anatomy of Food Gift Customers

Sales of MRF products by industry Pie ChartFood gifts can be a tricky sale for a simple reason: a large number of clients don’t realize that they can get their food gifts from you as a promotional products distributor.  Instead, they buy direct from mail-order and internet companies, or big box stores.  Food gifts are a multi-billion dollar annual business, but only a fraction of that goes through the promotional products industry.  Often, it’s up to you to educate clients on the availability of food gifts, but where do you start?  Whether you’re working with existing or new clients, there are some industries we’ve found through years of analysis of Maple Ridge Farms orders to be more apt to purchase food gifts.

Consistently, financial services are the top purchasers of food gifts, with approximately 28% of sales.  Of these, banks take the top spot with 15% of sales.  Don’t limit yourself to banks, though!  Frequent buyers also include credit unions, investment funds, financial planners, brokers, and title companies.  There are countless opportunities for these clients to utilize food gifts—they’re not just for holidays!  We frequently hear of these clients using food gifts for a closing gift, as an appreciation gift (whether for years of services, continued business during inconvenient circumstances, or a new account), or a gift in gratitude for referrals.

Healthcare services are also a top performer, at around 11% of sales. This covers everything from hospitals to medical equipment providers, from dental services to insurance companies—and more!  Many healthcare providers are subject to federal regulations regarding the acceptance of gifts, but food gifts—especially if they’re to be shared in a department—are generally an exception, making them a great option for those tricky situations.  There are also many special days of appreciation and awareness that provide opportunities to present food gifts, including Doctor’s Day, Health Day, Nurse’s Week, and Chiropractic Health Month.

Trade contractors such as construction, electrical, or plumbing companies account for another 8%.  Referral gifts are great for these companies, but we also find that gifts for new home owners on the first day in their new house are a popular option.  Best of all, these can be sent as-needed by Maple Ridge Farms—contact a Gift Specialist about our release programs for more information.

Freight and transportation companies come in at 8% of food gift sales, and oil-related companies at 6%.  Our line of collectible wooden vehicles is extremely popular with these companies, whether as holiday, referral, or thank-you gifts.  We add new vehicles every year, so be certain to check our website or keep an eye out for our 2015 catalog around the beginning of July for new options!

Manufacturers come in at 7% of sales.  We’ve found that incentive gifts are particularly popular with these clients, such as a reward for meeting a quota.  Food gifts are also great as room gifts for tradeshow attendees, and as gifts for employees at sales meetings or company parties.  Don’t forget our line of custom-labeled individually wrapped items for tradeshow hand-outs, too!

Finally, property management companies account for 4% of sales.  These offer many opportunities for a variety of orders, particularly resident gifts.  Generally, property management companies have multiple buildings with many clients at each, whether residential or commercial.  In addition to holiday gifts, food gifts make great welcome gifts for new tenants.

This isn’t to say that food gifts can’t be sold to other industries, of course—there is still a hefty chunk of sales in other industries that don’t factor into these.  We’ve simply found that these historically are the most frequent buyers, so try these companies if you’re looking for somewhere to start selling food gifts!

Have you found that a particular industry or company type buys more food gifts through you?  Let us know in the comments!

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