Boost Your Brand: 5 Things to Remember about Self Promotion

Self promotion campaigns are a great way to re-connect with your customers and reach out to new prospects.

As a promotional products distributor, you know better than anyone the power of our industry.  The power of the products available to consumers to showcase their brand and create a lasting impact.  That’s why using those same products in terms of your own self-promotion is a great way reach new customers and cement enduring relationships with your current ones.


Still not sure?  Here’s a look at 5 reasons promotional products work as distributor self-promotion:


1.  Self Promotion campaigns open the line of communication and promote a favorable image.  They are a great way to re-connect with existing customers throughout the year, gently reminding them you are available to lend a hand for any current and upcoming projects and showing appreciation for past business.  They are also a tremendous tool for reaching potential clients who may be unaware of your service abilities.  All while leaving a positive and lasting impression!


2.  Samples sell and self-promoting products pull double duty!  We all know that by placing a physical sample into your customer’s hands, the chances of them positively responding increase.  They are able to examine it more closely and determine if the product can meet their own branding needs.  And it keeps your name on the forefront when they are ready to take action.  It’s also a great way to showcase products they may not even know are available through you, as a promotional products distributor.


3.  Using promotional products to boost your own brand is a proven, cost-effective way of marketing your company with minimum work.  Suppliers understand the importance of self promotion, in terms of how their distributors market both themselves and the products they sell.  Many suppliers offer discounts and specials to distributors using their products as part of self-promotion campaigns, understanding that these types of programs create interest in their line as well.  Sales for distributors equal sales for the suppliers.  This makes the investment in time and money worth it.  Self promo campaigns are a business expense that is easily justified by the possibility of future sales.


4.  Self-promotion projects promote year-round interest.  Many distributors reach out towards the end of the year, using self promotion to drive in sales in the fourth quarter – and at the same time they say “Happy Holidays” or “Thank you for your business this year”.  And although promotion like this is definitely beneficial, utilizing this type of project throughout the year is a great reminder to your customers that they are not limited by product or time-frame.  They are often expecting to receive something during the fall and winter months, so why not stand-out from the crowd and surprise throughout the rest of the year too!  It serves to encourage them to think outside the box and take note of the vast selection of products at their disposal.


5.  You are the best endorsement for the products you sell!  Using the same products you offer to your customers, in your own promotional endeavors, is a great way to show that you stand behind the products and service.  You understand the impact these products can make, and placing them in the hands of your client shows that you are willing to do what you are asking of them.  If you are willing to put your name on them, so will your customers.


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  1. rishi says:

    Great article. Businesses can easily make customers loyal with these self promotions strategies. Promotional products is most affordable and effective strategy for brand recognition and customer loyalty.

  2. John Katzman says:

    I like your post. It’s very informative to me.
    Promotional Products are the best way for marketing & advertising.

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