5 Questions to Shorten Your Fourth Quarter Sales Process


You can ask five simple questions to help narrow your customer’s gift-giving needs!

It is official – The fourth quarter is well underway, and crunch time for holiday gifts is fast approaching. We have 5 simple questions that will help you and your customers shorten the gift selection process.  Being proactive when sitting down to discuss their upcoming orders can help to get their minds in decision-making mode and streamline the process.

Think about these simple questions, and pose them to your customer to get started:

#1: By the Way…Does your company purchase food gifts for the holidays?

Many companies do indeed purchase food gifts for the fourth-quarter holidays, but likely do not realize they can purchase these gifts through you. Instead, they have someone shopping big-box and online stores in search of gifts – gifts that often are not as fresh as they would appear and not branded with their logo, hence not promoting their company image.  By purchasing their gourmet food gifts through you, both of those concerns are resolved!

#2: Do you want a gift that includes an item that will be retained after the food has been enjoyed?

Now that they know they can save time and money by purchasing their food gifts through you, it’s time to start narrowing down the type of delectable treats they are interested in. Along with eye-catching gift packaging, many gifts also incorporate elements that can remain long after the treats are consumed, such as cutting boards, desktop accessories and more!

#3: Do you have a budget per gift?

Although this seems like an obvious question, it is an important one. By determining their project budget, you can narrow the field and point them in the right direction.  There is something for every budget.  You just need to know where to start!

#4: Are your gifts for individuals, entire offices, or both?

Just as important as questioning the budget is questioning the intended recipient. You need to know how large or small of a gift is needed.  As with price point, gift size can easily range from serving a single person to an entire group… and everything in between.

#5: Where did you purchase your gifts last year?

By asking this question, and a few follow-up questions, you can help proactively avoid any difficulties they may have encountered in the past. What did they like about the gifts they delivered last year?  What didn’t they like?  Were there any problems?  Posing these questions will help to satisfy your customers’ wants and needs.

Walking your customer through the gift selection process is easy… if you know the right questions to ask!

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