Don’t Think Outside the Box; Be More Relevant

“What’s new?”

“What’s hot?”

Do these questions sound familiar? While we all love new and trendy items, we should be asking, “what’s relevant?”

puzzel                                                       “Putting the Puzzle Together” by Ken Teegardin via CC BY-SA 2.0

Define your objectives first, and creative solutions will follow. For example, your client is holding a summer event and wants ideas for inexpensive yet memorable giveaways to the 150 attendees. This is only the starting point; you need to dig deeper in order to provide creative ideas that will help your client achieve his or her objectives.

Why is your client holding the event? What does the company hope to accomplish?

Who are the attendees? Loyal clients? Hot prospects? Industry VIPs? Journalists and press?

What message or takeaway do you want attendees to walk away with at the end of the event?

When attendees think of your brand, what one characteristic or quality should come to mind first?

Once you understand more about the why, who and takeaway, other aspects, such as budget, will begin to fall into place.

Budget is an important question, as it should be. However, it can be difficult for your client to give you a meaningful number when you ask right away. If you dig deeper into the purpose of the campaign, promotion or event, you may end up with a higher budget once you’re able to show the value that your solution will provide.

In summary, don’t get caught up with what’s new or what’s hot. Stick to what’s relevant for your client, and you’ll become a valuable partner in the creative process.


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