5 Ways You Can Overcome Local Candy Companies this Holiday Season!

So, your customer usually sends someone shopping?  Steer them your direction!

So, your customer usually sends someone shopping?  Here are some tips to steer them in your direction!

As the fourth quarter rushes in, many promotional products salespeople are reaching out and touching base with their customers that order holiday gifts.  When half of all business gifts purchased for the holidays are food gifts, one of the biggest hurdles is the statement “I was going to buy from the local!”  As a promotional products distributor, there are several ways for you to overcome that sentiment:


Instead of sending an employee to the local retail storefront (or having that employee spend hours on the internet trying to find the right gifts) your customer can purchase their holiday food gifts from you–the same person that provides them with promotional products and other business gifts.

By purchasing through you, your customer's logo on the gifts will showcase their brand!

By purchasing through you, your customer’s logo on the gifts will showcase their brand!


This year, make sure your customer’s food gift program promotes their company and brand.  Gifts from local candy makers and other retail companies rarely have the option of branding (and even then often offer the option of a hangtag) and are often so emblazoned with the manufacturer’s logo that the recipient may have a hard time figuring out who sent the gift.  With gifts from Maple Ridge Farms, your customer’s logo is the first thing recipients will see when they open their gifts!

One-Stop Shopping:

Local candy companies may specialize in a handful of products, but here at Maple Ridge Farms we offer a broad assortment of gourmet food items.  Along with everything from scrumptious chocolates and fresh-roasted nuts to savory Wisconsin cheese and sausage, we offer a variety of eye-catching packaging options.  Add to that the wide range of price points, and your customer can “wrap up” all of their holiday needs at one time!


With shipping 5 days a week, to destinations all across the country, we can ensure freshness upon delivery!

With shipping 5 days a week, to destinations all across the country, we can ensure freshness upon delivery!

We can arrange shipment of your customer’s gifts to them or directly to each recipient!  We will even enclose their greeting or business card.  When shopping locally, turn-key option most likely will not be available.  Having Maple Ridge Farms handle the individual shipping allows for a smooth, hassle-free holiday gift-giving season for you and your customer!


Does your customer have an idea about what they would like to give, but the local candy company doesn’t carry it or cannot provide it?  Contact a Maple Ridge Farms sales consultant!  We can often build customized gifts to meet your customer’s taste, theme, or budget!

By sharing these five facts with your customer, you can help make their holiday gift-giving a positive experience.  We do all the work and your customer can relax and enjoy the holidays without worrying about budgeting extra time for shopping, wrapping, and gift-giving.

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