Definition: Kosher!

The word “kosher” is Hebrew for “fit” or “proper”.

How would you define kosher?  When the average consumer answers this question, they often think that the food has been blessed by a rabbi.  However, that is a common misconception.  As the winter holidays approach, you may receive requests for kosher gifts for your customer or their recipients.  It’s beneficial to know what the term “kosher” truly means so that you can best meet their gourmet gift-giving needs!

The word “kosher” is Hebrew for “fit” or “proper” and describes food that is appropriate for someone of the Jewish faith to eat.  Kosher is the process by which food production obeys dietary guidelines set forth in the Hebrew Bible and established by rabbinical authorities.

Although the food and/or process does not actually require the rabbi to offer a blessing, the rabbi is integral to the certification process.  The laws of kosher, although spiritually-based, are complex and technical.  A well-trained and knowledgeable person of reliability – a rabbi – must be involved in the process to insure the strict guidelines are met.  It’s important to note that not only do all components and ingredients involved need to be certified kosher, but so does the equipment (meaning it does not come into contact with non-kosher elements).  Kosher food that is processed with non-kosher foods (or any derivative of a non-kosher food) would become non-kosher.

For more information on the different types of kosher certifications, check out our previous blog post entitled “The Often Asked Question… What is Kosher?”

Maple Ridge Farms offers a full line of delicious Kosher-certified gourmet gifts!

Maple Ridge Farms offers a full line of delicious Kosher-certified gourmet gifts!

Kosher food products are in demand!  According to Seal-K, there are 12,100,000 kosher consumers in the US and the market is growing.  Having a large selection of kosher-certified delectable treats, like those Maple Ridge Farms offers, is imperative to your customer choosing you over a big-box or mail-order company.

Delicious gourmet food gifts can work for your customer’s Jewish recipients, and you can be the one to help them spread some “tasty” cheer this holiday season!

Visit our client-friendly website to view over 200 kosher gifts offered at Maple Ridge Farms and share the video below with your customers to remind them that you can handle all of their gourmet food gift needs!


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