Put the Power of Food to Work for Your Organization

Food is a powerful tool. It gives us energy, powers our performance, and brings us together. People across the country and around the world are gathering around tables this holiday season to celebrate and put differences aside. Here’s how to continue to put the power of food to work for your organization the whole year through.

Get Fit

Do you want to encourage your organization to be healthier? Host a kickoff event to announce your new health and wellness program. Hand out healthier alternatives that still taste great, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, granola and nuts. Share easy-to-make, delicious recipes that incorporate nutritious options, and invite employees to make their favorite healthy dish at a potluck event. Reward progress and encourage participants to continue making good decisions by bringing healthy, delicious snacks into the office. Remember, investing in a healthier organization is a long-term commitment which contributes directly to your bottom line.
Resolve Differences

A successful organization resolves differences that come up during business. Perhaps you have two salespeople who don’t see eye-to-eye or departments that aren’t working well together. Bring them together during a meal and work to resolve any outstanding conflicts. When people eat together, it helps break down barriers and grudges, so you can work together towards a solution.
Celebrate and Improve

A team that achieves together should celebrate together. Reward team members who achieve key milestones and perform at a high level with celebratory meals. Talk about how you achieved these goals, and share best practices to encourage future performance. Remember to highlight every member’s contributions, including people in behind-the-scenes roles.

On the contrary, you won’t always achieve specific goals and meet expectations. When that happens, bring everyone together and discuss what happened. Ask team members to share what worked and what didn’t and offer suggestions for improvement. Don’t point fingers and place blame; work together to improve moving forward. Hosting this discussion around a table of delicious food or snacks should help ideas flow.
Recognize Teams and Individuals

Food is an excellent way to recognize everyone who contributed to an achievement. Meals and food gifts are perfect for groups to share and encourage people who work together to get to know each other better. Getting to know fellow team members and co-workers usually leads to improved performance. There’s just something about bringing a group together to work toward a common goal that’s powerful.

At the same time, it’s important to recognize individual contributions as well. In any group, there are leaders who move to the forefront, members who execute and implement your plans and out-of-sight worker bees who power the operation. Encourage all members to contribute by recognizing individuals as well as groups. Individual recognition helps reduce members who ‘ride on the coattails’ of their peers. Reward individual members by inviting them to lunch with their direct supervisor or team leader, so they can share their thoughts and feedback on team performance. This is especially powerful when you’re recognizing employees who perform in the background and may feel as if their voice isn’t being heard.
Host Company-Wide or Group Discussions

Do you need to discuss a topic as a company or group? Bring everyone together with food. There’s a reason why so many families discuss important events around the table; it’s a great place to host a group discussion. Hold a company-wide potluck or ask departments to meet over lunch to discuss proposed policy changes, suggest ideas to improve the culture or contribute to important company decisions. Your employees will feel like valued members of your organization and will appreciate that they’re being asked to contribute to important company decisions.


Enjoy the magic and wonder of the holiday season as you gather around tables and break bread with colleagues, family members and friends. Don’t forget about the power of food once the calendar turns to a New Year though. Continue to utilize food to motivate, incentivize and bring your organization together the whole year through.


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