Embrace the Spirit of March Madness in Your Business

It’s one of our favorite times of the year – March Madness! Sports fans or not, this is when office talk turns to brackets and analytics, match-ups and history, school pride and underdogs.

As a business owner or manager, don’t grumble about lost productivity. Embrace the spirit of March Madness to improve morale, increase productivity and build comradery among your team.

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Throw a Watch Party or Happy Hour

Host a luncheon to kick off the tournament or throw an after-hours party to get everyone in the spirit. Delicious food, creative cocktails (or mocktails) and themed decorations will make March Madness for everyone! Fun giveaways and prizes will add to the festive atmosphere and leave attendees with a special memento to remember the occasion.
Encourage Productivity with March Madness-themed Contests

While your employees are focused on their brackets, work still needs to get done. Encourage productivity with March Madness-themed contests. Recognize your top performers throughout the company during the tournament with a special ceremony, or create an internal bracket to motivate employees to increase sales or production during this exciting time.
Support a Local or “Adopted” Team

Is your local team going dancing? Cheer them on by centering your March Madness festivities around the school! Ask any alumni who work at your company to recall their favorite moments at the university, and highlight any projects you’ve worked on for the school. When a team makes a trip to the NCAA Tournament, it can be a source of community pride. Attend (or even sponsor) pep rallies, send-off events, parades or homecoming celebrations to show that your company is a strong part of the community. (Editor’s Note: We’re located in Wisconsin, so go Badgers!)

Even if you don’t have a local team participating, your business may still have ties to another team. Is a large percentage of your staff from one school or conference? Do you have another location in a city with a team in the tournament? Does a school’s mascot or history have a connection with your company? Have fun cheering on your adopted team!
Show Your Spirit with a Spirit Day

Kick off your festivities or celebrate the championship game with a Spirit Day! Allow employees to show off their favorite college sports team at the office during a casual day. No celebration is complete without tasty food, so take your staff to the arena in spirit by providing hot dogs, hamburgers and other foods from the game. Or host a potluck and ask employees to bring in their favorite game day treats. Throw in some fun contests or March Madness-themed trivia, and everyone will have a great time!
Embrace the March Madness spirit during the NCAA Tournament, and your company will celebrate its own month of memories! One Shining Moment

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