2 Case Studies: Food Sparks Continuing Education Events

In 2016 US Companies  spent 70.65 billion on continuing education.  The typical US worker receives 53.8 hours of training per year. Continuing education keeps employee’s up to date, skills fresh, and the company marketable.  At these events, you see promo swag galore.  Why?  We know the power of promotional products and how one tangible item will create a more memorable moment for the attendee, and a lasting reminder of the event.  Now tie that event with FOOD and leave them with a tasty thought for years to come!  Chocolate or a protein nut mix at your next seminar will provide instant energy and increase engagement levels.

Mark, a Human Resource manager, was in charge of coordinating the next Lunch N Learn. He had lunch catered in, along with imprinted pens and leather pad folios for the event.  During break, when they all needed a refresher, he delivered a delicious mix of chocolates from Maple Ridge Farms. The food items were imprinted with a fun logo letting everyone know how important they are and how we are ‘better together’.  He wanted to show how 2 elements work great independently can be more powerful when put together!  Thus, he chose the Maple Ridge Farms chocolate peanut butter melt-a-ways, as chocolate and peanut butter are a well-recognized and delicious combination. It was a hit and left the team with a memory generated by all the senses. This item is great for companies needing to deliver a message of unity, collaboration, connecting, mergers, joint ventures, etc. What makes peanut butter better? Combine it with chocolate!

We were recently contacted by a company for table favors for a conference in the $10-15 price point.  We asked about the theme, the event, and the purpose of the swag.  This happened to be a conference for 800 attendees and the color scheme was perfect for our Premium Delights boxes.   The end buyer was looking for more of a table favor vs. a promo quick snack.  The focus of the event was connecting ideas and being able to effectively share them.  WOW, super opportunity for us to show them our chocolate sea salt caramels.  Chocolate is superb on its own, while caramel is delicious…put the two together and make a keen impact on the recipient!


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