How Do You Spell R-E-S-T-R-A-I-N-T?

Tony Guerra, our national sales manager, says, “Nothing is more fun than selling food and candy!”

We agree. But the behind-the-scenes activities of our business are equally fun. One example: For 20 years, we’ve travelled from Mosinee, WI, to San Francisco, to attend the Fancy Food Show.

1,300 exhibitors. 17,000 attendees. 80,000 specialty foods from 33 different countries. (And you thought the product spreads in the booths at the PPAI and ASI Shows were impressive.) The challenge is being selective about what we taste. If we don’t exercise restraint, by the third aisle we would be stuffed!  

We’re always on the lookout for a product that will enhance our line, such as the new Mediterranean Spiced Almonds. On three occasions we’ve discovered vendors located within 100 miles of our factory we never knew existed. This year we stumbled upon a cheese company. (Learn more about how three Sartori Reserve cheese found their way into our 2011 line by reading our current e-newsletter.)

Other highlights of the Fancy Food Show include presentations from celebrity chefs. For the past three years we’ve had the good fortune to visit with Chef Paul Prudhomme. We’ve prepared dishes from his Lousiana Kitchen” cookbooks for 30 years so you can imagine what a treat it is to chat with him!

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