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jodie-good-photoJodie – Jodie grew up in the Promotional Products Industry and attended her first trade show at age 14. She knew this was the industry  for her! She strives to help people within the company to exceed the goals they have set for themselves both personally and professionally. Outside of Maple Ridge Farms she enjoys nature, spending time with family, movies, music, reading, an inspiring podcast, food and craft beers.

Current Obsessions:  Jimmy Fallon and really anyone who can do great impressions.


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMary Kate – Mary Kate has been part of the Maple Ridge Farms team since 1985. Her current position is Social Media Coordinator and Sales. Her favorite part of the job is working with visuals, technology and connecting with people. Outside of the job she enjoys traveling, hiking, all things food, skiing and water sports.

Current Obsessions:  Anything to do with water: ice sculptures, paddle boarding, kayaking, fluvial geomorphology, babbling brooks.


Molly – Molly joined the Maple Ridge Farms team in 2008 as a member of the Customer Service team, and quickly grew to love the industry and our distributors. Often working with custom gifts options, she loves the creative aspect of building gifts from the bottom up using both the delicious Maple Ridge line and non-stock options.

Outside of the Ridge, she is an avid reader and “Jeopardy Junkie”. She love movies, music, and anything “arts and entertainment” based. Oh, and Turtles, Turtles, Turtles!

Current Obsessions: Artist Josephine Wall & waiting for the MLB baseball season to return (Go Brewers!)


Shana – Shana joined Maple Ridge Farms as a Sales Consultant in 2009, bringing with her a strong history in customer service and the ability to make things happen.  Since then, she’s worked closely with distributors to help create their unique promotions.  She loves assisting distributors with any inquiry, be it large or small, and can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Outside of Maple Ridge Farms, she is an avid gamer.  She has a fondness for 80s music, Marvel comics, and good fantasy novels.

Current Obsessions: indie games, anything Deadpool, and slowly replacing every possible office supply with a cat version

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