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The One-Two Punch: How to Compete with Big-Box Companies and Direct Sellers for Holiday Sales

The fourth quarter is quickly approaching, and chances are your clients are already starting to think about their year-end holiday gifts. Approximately, 50% of all businesses purchase food gifts for the holidays. Unfortunately, the promotional products industry gets less than 10% percent of the business food gift purchases for two reasons: First, most business gift […]

Gourmet Food Gifts: 4 Ways to Drive Repeat Sales

During our last blog post, we discussed 5 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty and keep them coming back. Well, there is a second side to the “Repeat Customer” coin! By educating your customers on various order programs and situations offering gourmet food gifts, you are helping them meet their marketing and promotion needs while […]

Boost Your Brand: 5 Things to Remember about Self Promotion

As a promotional products distributor, you know better than anyone the power of our industry.  The power of the products available to consumers to showcase their brand and create a lasting impact.  That’s why using those same products in terms of your own self-promotion is a great way reach new customers and cement enduring relationships […]

Sense and Sensibility – Using All 5 Senses to Promote Your Brand

According to Merriam-Webster, sense is defined as “one of the five natural powers (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) through which you receive information about the world around you.” And sensibility as “the kinds of feelings that you have when you hear, see, read, or think about something”. The use of promotional products in conjunction […]

Is there still time?

This time of the season gets hectic for everyone, customers, distributors, and suppliers alike, and as part of the Promotional Products industry, we all get asked these questions every day:  “Is there still time to place an order?” and “What’s my cut-off for holiday shipping?” The answers are simple:  “Yes!” and “There isn’t one!” respectively.  […]

How to Prepare an Email Marketing Content Plan

 Cathy Cain-Blank of CC Marketing creates custom email communications for promotional products distributors and other small/midsize companies. She is a periodic contributor to the Maple Ridge Farms blog. Several times a week we’re contacted by marketers from companies of all sizes and types who are at a standstill in their efforts to launch or improve […]

Using Edibles as Promotional Gifts for Events

Some people might argue that using promotional food items creates short-lived goodwill, but leaves the recipient less likely to retain a lasting impression.  We disagree!  Whether sweet, salty, savory or subtle, using gourmet food as part of your promotional approach during events will have your recipients talking long after they leave. Gourmet food gifts are […]

Under Pressure: Using Communication Styles to Your Benefit

With the fourth quarter well underway, we often find ourselves stressed a bit more than usual.  It is more important than ever to take a moment and acknowledge how we are communicating with others (and how they communicate with us).  As part of our continued learning process here at Maple Ridge Farms, we recently participated […]

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