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It’s a Wrap ~ Part 3! What Makes Maple Ridge Farms Tick? [INFOGRAPH]

Thank you for joining eClaire,  as she checked in with some of our team to find out what really happens at the “Farm”!   We hope you enjoyed a look behind the scenes, as much as we loved sharing our insights with you!  Read on to find out what our imprint, production, and company founder thinks about who we are, […]

Part 2! What Makes Maple Ridge Farms Tick? [INFOGRAPH]

      Listen in as eClaire speaks to some of our key team members, and find out what really happens here on the “Farm”. Read on to hear their insights:  

5 Questions to Shorten Your Fourth Quarter Sales Process

It is official – The fourth quarter is well underway, and crunch time for holiday gifts is fast approaching. We have 5 simple questions that will help you and your customers shorten the gift selection process.  Being proactive when sitting down to discuss their upcoming orders can help to get their minds in decision-making mode […]

The One-Two Punch: How to Compete with Big-Box Companies and Direct Sellers for Holiday Sales

The fourth quarter is quickly approaching, and chances are your clients are already starting to think about their year-end holiday gifts. Approximately, 50% of all businesses purchase food gifts for the holidays. Unfortunately, the promotional products industry gets less than 10% percent of the business food gift purchases for two reasons: First, most business gift […]

Asking your Client the Question

There are times in life where we stop, listen and hear that there is the opportunity to ask a question.  However, if we are not taking the time to listen and watch, would we even know what question to ask? The cavemen (to the right) are busy doing what they always do.  Their technique works […]

Surprise! What You May Not Know Maple Ridge Farms Offers

    We are widely known for our delicious gourmet food, but what many customers don’t realize is that we also offer specialty products such as gluten free items, kosher, healthy options and custom gifts that pretty much cover whatever you envision. One of our key principals is that we are the make it happen team!” What this […]

2014 Edition – Maple Ridge Farms: By the Numbers!

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  We would like to take a moment and say “Thank You” to everyone who helped make 2013 the fantastic and exciting year it was!  This includes all of our wonderful distributors and your customers, as well as our dedicated staff.  We know that the key to success […]

How to Help Buyers Who Procrastinate

I admit it: When it comes to the holiday season, I’m a procrastinator. Here it is mid-December and I’ve yet to even talk to my art director about designing an e-holiday card, let alone contemplated a more meaningful way to show my appreciation to clients and supportive colleagues. My intentions are good, but as a […]

Don’t Let Long Distance Deter You: Use Skype to Personally Connect with Clients and Suppliers

In the fall of 2004 I randomly selected a distributor as the guinea pig for an e-newsletter service we were developing for distributors. Tommy lived in Georgia and I lived in Chicago. We talked regularly at first – initially we prepared biweekly newsletters so we had a lot to discuss – and it wasn’t long before […]

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