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Say Cheese! 6 Fun Facts from Maple Ridge Farms for National Dairy Month!

Turophile (too r-uh-fahyl) noun: a connoisseur or lover of cheese. This definition may be from the Greek for “tyros” (cheese) and “philos” (loving) – but here at Maple Ridge Farms, we know you don’t need to be Greek to truly love cheese.  And not just ours (although it is truly delicious), but all cheese. As […]

5 Ways You Can Overcome Local Candy Companies this Holiday Season!

As the fourth quarter rushes in, many promotional products salespeople are reaching out and touching base with their customers that order holiday gifts.  When half of all business gifts purchased for the holidays are food gifts, one of the biggest hurdles is the statement “I was going to buy from the local!”  As a promotional […]

Feeding the Troops: A History of Wartime Food

In celebration of Veterans Day we looked into some food stories that originated from wartime experiences. My father, Robert MacLaren, entered the Army as an 18-year-old Army infantry man. Here are some of his most vivid memories of food when stationed in San Francisco towards the end of WWII. I was a very finicky eater, […]

The Often Asked Question… What is Kosher?

When customers think of fourth quarter gift-giving, they are often interested in sending gourmet food gifts to those on their shopping list.  Remind them that you are their best source to fulfill this need.  Having a large selection of delectable treats is an important key to your customers choosing you over a big-box or mail-order […]

6 Food Trends for 2015 and What Makes a Good Business Food Gift

Spring is a fun time for foodies. Major food shows are held such as the Sweets & Snacks Expo, National Restaurant Association Conference, and the Fancy Food Show. After all these shows, there are always new food trends that emerge, and this year’s food buzz has not disappointed us! Here are some of the reported […]

Save a Step: Why Individually Shipping your Holiday Gifts Can Ease Your Holiday Stress

With the hectic schedule that most of us endure during the holiday rush, many people do not have the opportunity to take the time to hand-deliver gifts to their customers, employees, and other business associates – although they wish they could!  Have you ever come into the holiday rush season and realized that your conference […]

Get Your Ducks in a Row: Gearing Up for the Fourth Quarter Rush

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The busy holiday season is fast approaching. The fourth quarter represents a huge opportunity for many of us, which can mean increased sales… if you are prepared to be as effective as you can be!  It’s important to get organized, set goals, and stay in contact with your […]

Using Edibles as Promotional Gifts for Events

Some people might argue that using promotional food items creates short-lived goodwill, but leaves the recipient less likely to retain a lasting impression.  We disagree!  Whether sweet, salty, savory or subtle, using gourmet food as part of your promotional approach during events will have your recipients talking long after they leave. Gourmet food gifts are […]

Creativity You Can Taste: Making Every Day a Holiday!

Looking for a way to add excitement or flair to your upcoming event?  Want to change up your job fair or tradeshow presentation?  Unconventional holidays can help spice up your promotions and inspire creativity in your event! If you are stuck trying to develop a theme or idea for an event, or really want to […]

Wrapping up the Fourth Quarter with Gourmet Food Gifts

Well, the fourth quarter is quickly rolling to a close.  If you are one of the fortunate ones, you have your company’s holiday gifts under control and ready to go.  If not, and you (or your customers) are in a scramble to make those last minute gift decisions, don’t fear! There are still many options […]

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