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Definition: Kosher!

How would you define kosher?  When the average consumer answers this question, they often think that the food has been blessed by a rabbi.  However, that is a common misconception.  As the winter holidays approach, you may receive requests for kosher gifts for your customer or their recipients.  It’s beneficial to know what the term […]

The Often Asked Question… What is Kosher?

When customers think of fourth quarter gift-giving, they are often interested in sending gourmet food gifts to those on their shopping list.  Remind them that you are their best source to fulfill this need.  Having a large selection of delectable treats is an important key to your customers choosing you over a big-box or mail-order […]

Is there still time?

This time of the season gets hectic for everyone, customers, distributors, and suppliers alike, and as part of the Promotional Products industry, we all get asked these questions every day:  “Is there still time to place an order?” and “What’s my cut-off for holiday shipping?” The answers are simple:  “Yes!” and “There isn’t one!” respectively.  […]

Wrapping up the Fourth Quarter with Gourmet Food Gifts

Well, the fourth quarter is quickly rolling to a close.  If you are one of the fortunate ones, you have your company’s holiday gifts under control and ready to go.  If not, and you (or your customers) are in a scramble to make those last minute gift decisions, don’t fear! There are still many options […]

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