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It’s a Wrap ~ Part 3! What Makes Maple Ridge Farms Tick? [INFOGRAPH]

Thank you for joining eClaire,  as she checked in with some of our team to find out what really happens at the “Farm”!   We hope you enjoyed a look behind the scenes, as much as we loved sharing our insights with you!  Read on to find out what our imprint, production, and company founder thinks about who we are, […]

Part 2! What Makes Maple Ridge Farms Tick? [INFOGRAPH]

      Listen in as eClaire speaks to some of our key team members, and find out what really happens here on the “Farm”. Read on to hear their insights:  

The One-Two Punch: How to Compete with Big-Box Companies and Direct Sellers for Holiday Sales

The fourth quarter is quickly approaching, and chances are your clients are already starting to think about their year-end holiday gifts. Approximately, 50% of all businesses purchase food gifts for the holidays. Unfortunately, the promotional products industry gets less than 10% percent of the business food gift purchases for two reasons: First, most business gift […]

Industry Resources

Promotional products distributors and suppliers need information on many different topics. Are you looking for a specific promotional product? Do you have a question about a certain type of imprint? Do you want to keep up on hot industry topics? Let’s take a look at a few excellent resources in our industry designed to answer […]

Under Pressure: Using Communication Styles to Your Benefit

With the fourth quarter well underway, we often find ourselves stressed a bit more than usual.  It is more important than ever to take a moment and acknowledge how we are communicating with others (and how they communicate with us).  As part of our continued learning process here at Maple Ridge Farms, we recently participated […]

Webinars: Today’s technology brings learning opportunities to you!

Webinars allow you the freedom to choose when, where, and how you learn. We live in an age where ever-growing technology allows for almost instant communication and the ability to stay up-to-date with just about anything.  Right now, you can be reading this blog on a computer, a phone, or a tablet from anywhere in […]

Continued Learning

A professional athlete or a famous actor can spend their entire lives sharpening and refining their skills.  They know that continually learning is a very crucial part of their success.  If they do not dedicate themselves, someone who is dedicated will take their place.  To be the best at anything, a person must be willing […]

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