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Case Histories: 4 Stories of Gourmet Gifts Working Outside of the Holidays

This blog article is dedicated to sharing case histories with you, so that you can either approach an existing customer with a great idea or target your efforts to the development of new accounts with prospecting tips. For this week’s blog post let’s look at anniversaries, reunions, and parties as applications for food gifts. Here […]

Celebrate the Magic in Everyday Moments

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Dr. Seuss Our lives are filled with millions of seemingly mundane moments, everyday occurrences that we won’t remember tomorrow. We get through each day while looking forward to the big moments: family vacations, friends’ weddings, the arrival of children and […]

We’re a Little Nutty (…about nuts, that is!)

Maple Ridge Farms has come to be known as a top source for delicious gourmet treats.  That includes our freshly-roasted Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews, our exceptionally large and flavorful “new crop” natural California Pistachios, and our various styles of sweet or savory almonds.  Although we would never overlook our scrumptious chocolates or delectable meat or […]

Health Benefits of Chocolate, Nuts & Cheese

Did you know that besides being delicious, many of the products Maple Ridge Farms carries can be good for you?  When you hear the word “healthy”, you probably think of fruits, vegetables or maybe lean meats, but they are not the only options.  Lets take a look at the health benefits of three types of […]

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