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It’s a Wrap ~ Part 3! What Makes Maple Ridge Farms Tick? [INFOGRAPH]

Thank you for joining eClaire,  as she checked in with some of our team to find out what really happens at the “Farm”!   We hope you enjoyed a look behind the scenes, as much as we loved sharing our insights with you!  Read on to find out what our imprint, production, and company founder thinks about who we are, […]

Part 2! What Makes Maple Ridge Farms Tick? [INFOGRAPH]

      Listen in as eClaire speaks to some of our key team members, and find out what really happens here on the “Farm”. Read on to hear their insights:  

Gourmet Food Gifts: 4 Ways to Drive Repeat Sales

During our last blog post, we discussed 5 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty and keep them coming back. Well, there is a second side to the “Repeat Customer” coin! By educating your customers on various order programs and situations offering gourmet food gifts, you are helping them meet their marketing and promotion needs while […]

Fun Facts from the Farm! – Maple Ridge by the Numbers!

2014 was an eventful and exciting year.  And we have you to thank for it…  our wonderful distributors, your customers, and our devoted staff.  Together we tackled the craziness of another season, and together we were able to bring a bounty of delicious gourmet food gifts to recipients across the country. Now it’s time to […]

Creativity You Can Taste: Making Every Day a Holiday!

Looking for a way to add excitement or flair to your upcoming event?  Want to change up your job fair or tradeshow presentation?  Unconventional holidays can help spice up your promotions and inspire creativity in your event! If you are stuck trying to develop a theme or idea for an event, or really want to […]

Wrapping up the Fourth Quarter with Gourmet Food Gifts

Well, the fourth quarter is quickly rolling to a close.  If you are one of the fortunate ones, you have your company’s holiday gifts under control and ready to go.  If not, and you (or your customers) are in a scramble to make those last minute gift decisions, don’t fear! There are still many options […]

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