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7 Ways to Stay in the Know

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  – Benjamin Franklin It takes time and effort to stay educated about all the new products, promotions, and selling tips. With a variety of lines, you have to be on top of a lot of information. Food gifts are an easy sell, but differ in a few key […]

The One-Two Punch: How to Compete with Big-Box Companies and Direct Sellers for Holiday Sales

The fourth quarter is quickly approaching, and chances are your clients are already starting to think about their year-end holiday gifts. Approximately, 50% of all businesses purchase food gifts for the holidays. Unfortunately, the promotional products industry gets less than 10% percent of the business food gift purchases for two reasons: First, most business gift […]

Save a Step: Why Individually Shipping your Holiday Gifts Can Ease Your Holiday Stress

With the hectic schedule that most of us endure during the holiday rush, many people do not have the opportunity to take the time to hand-deliver gifts to their customers, employees, and other business associates – although they wish they could!  Have you ever come into the holiday rush season and realized that your conference […]

Showing Up: Keys to Tradeshow Follow-up

2014 is officially here and the tradeshow season is under way.  Our team here at Maple Ridge Farms always looks forward to the opportunities to get out amongst our distributors and fellow suppliers.  It’s a chance to put faces to the names and voices we work so closely with, get great feedback on our products […]

Why Are They Telling Me My Artwork Won’t Work?

One of the most frustrating phone calls that a distributor can receive is when the supplier cannot work with their customer’s artwork. For many distributors, who often do not have their own art department, trying to wade through art terminology is akin to understanding a foreign language. But not to worry! In this post, we […]

Creativity You Can Taste: Making Every Day a Holiday!

Looking for a way to add excitement or flair to your upcoming event?  Want to change up your job fair or tradeshow presentation?  Unconventional holidays can help spice up your promotions and inspire creativity in your event! If you are stuck trying to develop a theme or idea for an event, or really want to […]

The Smartphone Photo Challenge – Part 2: Advanced Lighting

While a smartphone is seldom ideal for taking product photography, sometimes we have to get images out to our clients as soon as possible and we have to use the technology at hand to improvise a solution. A few weeks ago, we discussed ways to improve your smartphone photography by controlling the built-in flash.  This […]

The Smartphone Photo Challenge – Part 1: Lighting

A few months ago, we wrote a blog post  about how to take great product photos without spending a fortune on camera and lighting equipment. While that was a great place to start, we thought we’d give ourselves a challenge to take it one step further… creating great shots using only a smartphone. Over the […]

Continued Learning

A professional athlete or a famous actor can spend their entire lives sharpening and refining their skills.  They know that continually learning is a very crucial part of their success.  If they do not dedicate themselves, someone who is dedicated will take their place.  To be the best at anything, a person must be willing […]

Design 101: Creating Great Advertising Without a Graphic Designer – Part 2

Last week we shared some tips on how to create eye-catching advertising even when you don’t have a graphic design team at your disposal. This week, we have three more designer’s tricks for you to make the most of your advertising dollar!

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