Zoo Miami is the largest, oldest tropical zoo in Florida. This zoo is one of the best family attractions in Miami. Miami provides shelters to 2,000 animals including lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes and even to some exotic animals like Komodo dragon, American alligator, gopher tortoise etc.. The best thing about zoo Miami is that the workers make sure of the highest standards of animal management and care. Since this zoo is having a whale of land/area, it makes you experience a real-life safari. Zoo Miami is accredited by AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquarium). The most attractive part of this zoo is that it is cage free and to detach animals from visitors, moats (deep wide ditch) are used. Brevard Zoo is a 75 acres not-for-profit facility located in Melbourne, Florida, US. Brevard zoo has 182 animal species from South America, Florida, Australia and Asia, having approx. 880 animals.

This zoo is also accredited by Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The wildlife Detective Training Academy (WDTA), is a building focused especially towards younger children. It also provides interactive activities such as sand pit where children can dip up bones from an animal “crime scene”. It experiences the new activity of mystery every month. This zoo also offers unique experiences like kayaking on the grounds of zoo through Africa, where the trained workers lead the kayak trips or getting a bird’s eye view of world animals by zip lining through S.A. It also hosts the free flight aviary where visitors have the option of feeding rainbow lorikeets.

This zoo also contains a pack of a nearly extinct red wolf. Feeding is demonstrated in wild Florida loop.
It once provided a place for children to play in a playground and petting zoo for children to explore. There was an opportunity for kids having colorful lories resting on their arms, stroking a rhino, touching baby gator and feeding a giraffe. There was touch tank which aimed towards children’s attraction of all ages.

The maintenance of the zoo and to shape up and protect the animals is one tough job for workers that work here, it’s a hard job to do and with utmost care. There are always chances that something unwanted and an accident can happen and a worker may be heavily injured or have some serious damage to his body, these all things need compensation. There a number of workers compensation florida insurance companies that can help in setting up accounts for compensation for some accident to the worker and help in need with insurance. These workers compensation Florida insurance companies helped many of the workers on daily basis and have an increasing number of applicants due to the risk involved in the job. This can help them through tough times.


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