Penis Extender for More Gains

Penis extenders are considered a safer option as compared to the other methods. Penile surgery can be way too dangerous as well as expensive. Weights and vacuum pumps can be as effective but overuse can cause permanent tissue damage. Penile enlargement pills are safe, but the pills are not effective without the routine exercise and massage for the penis. In contrast to all these products, the penis extenders have been medically tested and have been clinically proven to be effective as well as safe. A penis extender is a relatively new invention which works on the principle that the human body is designed to adapt to the environment. The device is just based on traction, and the traction device stretches and lengthens the penis which helps the cells to grow and hence make the penis larger.

How Effective are Penis Extenders

Most men can achieve again in both the length as well as girth of the penis, but it must be worn regularly every day. You can gain an average of 1- 1.5 inches in the first three months of use if the wearing of the device is followed regularly. If the use of the penis extender is further continued, you can expect the rise of another one inch in a period of three to six months. Having achieved your goal size, you need not continue the use of the device as the new size gained is permanent in nature. Learn more at

There are dozens of different penis extenders available in the market, and deciding the best option for your penis enlargement can seem to be an impossible task. Most sites offer the effectiveness of each device based on the quality of the material used along with the overall design of the penis extender.

Penis Extender for Girth or Length

There are very few men around who haven’t at least once measured their penis. If we take a look at history we see that many poets, philosophers, writers, and artists have all tried to define the average and above average for penis size. Erotic art is full of men with a larger than normal penis size because it is generally believed that the penis matches a guys sexual power and vigor. Even now it’s not hard to see why a bigger penis is thought by many to be better in the new millennium.

So let’s go back to the age-old question; “does penis size matter?”. Now it seems that men are equally obsessed with their penis size as women are with the size of their breasts. You won’t be surprised to hear that thousands of men are keen to find out how to make their penis bigger. Which explains why the penis enlargement industry is growing, offering everything from patches, creams, weights, penis enlargement pills, pumps, penis stretchers and even plastic surgery.


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