Reasons behind appearance of dark circles

There are several factors behind dark circles under eyes as well as various dark circles under eyes treatment. Some of the reasons are listed below

1. Drinking less amount of water– An individual should have at least 12 glasses of water daily in order to have a healthy skin. The water helps in reducing the level of toxin contained in the body because the toxins harm the body as long as they are present inside the system.

2. Hemoglobin Levels – One must check with the doctor regarding Hemoglobin Levels which may get altered negatively due to the presence of an internal problem. Due to this internal weakness, the doctor may suggest vitamin intakes which can also be altered with protein or highly balanced diet.

3. Sleeplessness – It is important to balance all actives including sleep. Working until late night or partying whole night smoking etc. will cause dark circles for sure.

4. Tension and Stress – People with tension in mind are bound to have sleeping problems. They twist and turn on bed throughout the night the sleep and wake up feeling uneasy.

5. Lack of proper diet – Having too much of junk food or foods with heavy preservative can result in this. It is always good to include fresh salads in your diet. This will nourishes your skin and will give you’re a blowing skin.

6. Continued illness – Internal prolonged illness may cause dark circles under eyes.

7. Working on the computer for long hours – Working on computers and looking into the screen for a prolonged time can be stressful for the eyes.

There are also some tough dark circles which even the best cream for dark circles under eyes cannot treat. Hence it is important to keep away from these factor causing dark circles under eyes as all know prevention is better than cure.


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