Side-effects associated with polysubstance abuse

Polysubstance abuse is associated with the misuse of multiple drugs at one time which is an inclusive prescription medication consumed in the nonmedical circumstances. In some situations, these prescription medications can intentionally combine those substances that are dangerous for the user. They can have a few glasses of wine without knowing that their medication must not be mixed up with alcohol or other drugs. As a result, every individual should inform their doctor about every medication they are taking and make sure that it does not make them interact negatively.

On the other hand, most individuals consume polysubstance abuse regularly with alcohol or benzodiazepines to experience greater relaxation. Specific long-term and short-term effects that are related to polysubstance abuse differ with the specific combination of substances. However, there are various dangers associated consuming polysubstance.
Side-effects, consuming polysubstance abuse:
• Increased severity- Every drug has some or other potential side effect when these drugs are abused together; the severity is increased exponentially. Consuming multiple drugs has more side effects than consuming a single drug. The side effects include body pain, balance issue and change to respiration rate.
• Acute health problem- Consumption of multiple drugs reduce metabolism and increases blood concentrations. An individual can suffer from various disorders and diseases who abuse more than one drug at a time can cause various diseases such as chronic diseases. Heavy drinkers, tobacco smokers who make use of cocaine suffer more abusing multiple drugs.

• Overdose- Overdose always create a possibility with any substance abuse, the risk is heightened when an individual abused multiple substances. When the users do not feel the full effect of the substance, they consume far higher doses that result in the occurrence of overdose.
Polysubstance abuse often creates the symptoms of mental disorder also and can lead a worse situation for the users. When you consume multiple substances at one time itself, it will eventually create all such effects that are mentioned above in this article.