Stage 2 melanoma treatment for skin cancer

Melanoma disease is the term given to an aggressive type of skin cancer. This cancer develops from the cells in the body that is responsible for generating melanin in the body which is responsible for given color to the eye, skin, and hair. This aggressive form of skin cancer has caused the death of thousands of people and yet, continues to be responsible for a large number of deaths every year which numbers up to 132,000 annually according to the world health organization. The melanoma disease consists of two stages. The melanoma disease once identified as stage one should be given the stage 1 melanoma treatment, so that the cancer can be addressed as soon as possible to avoid more spread.

stage 2 melanoma treatment involves different approaches or options which can be taken to help fight the cancerous cells that are found in that patient. Which include the Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and surgery. Radiation therapy involves the use of radiation to destroy cancerous cells in the body and thereby preventing their growth. Chemotherapy also helps to fight cancer in the skin by the use of special medical regimes to prevent and stop the growth of these cancerous cells in the human body.
One major way that is also a stage 1 melanoma treatment is the adoption of immunotherapy. This approach consists of different kinds of virotherapy. Immunotherapy involves the use of a virus to specifically attack the cancerous cells therefore, killing them, without affecting other cells in the body and also booting the immune system to prevent a further attack. One of these types of virotherapy is oncolytic virotherapy. Where the virus is introduced to the body and it goes ahead to look for the cells and multiplies in that cell, and begins to break them down. This kind of therapy is mostly recommended for melanoma because most times it does not respond to chemotherapy and radiation.