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Why vertical and horizontal lines are important fashion design elements

It is very common to find fashion designers using lines to create visually pleasing garments. Lines are the basic design elements and versatile modes of expression. Lines have different qualities that evoke different feelings. Each type of line on a design has important significance. Although there is different line styles used as design elements, the most common ones are vertical and horizontal lines. According to Ariane Slinger, vertical lines interrelate to the general length of a garment and impart the illusion of increased height. This illusion is imparted due to the fact that the viewer’s eyes run from the top to bottom, thereby concealing the wearer’s width.

As such, garments with vertical lines are the best for people with heavy body types as well as short people. It is important to understand that vertical lines can be either thin or thick (also dominating or broad). Garments with thin vertical lines are ideal for heavy people and those with athletic built bodies. Such garments according to Ariane Slinger are mostly associated with strong personality. Therefore, they are mostly used for formal or conventional wear. On the other hand, garments with thick, dominating or broad vertical lines are not ideal for people with heavy torsos. This is because such garments highlight things that need to remain hidden.
However, garments with thick, dominating or broad vertical lines are ideal for petite people since they give the illusion of increased height. When people wear such garments, they may have an outcome that looks more masculine. This also means that these garments are best suited for men. With horizontal lines, these run across the wearer’s body and have the advantage of widening the wearer’s looks since the beholder’s eyes are typically guided across the body width instead of height. According to Ariane Slinger, garments with horizontal lines are not ideal for people with heavy body types, but ideal for slim tall people.

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