One of the most popular jewelry in recent years is the Boho jewelry and it is evident that it will continue to be one of the top styledjewelry every season. Do you desire the boho style, it is very easy to achieve, this is because just one perfect piece is enough to turn your total outfit boho. Being a mature woman, it’s possible you consider the usual clothing bits and pieces as being toobold or extravagant or bold, nevertheless, there are still plenty of simple boho jewelry designs that can meet your needs. More so, accessorizingis the most significant part of an effective boho look – and when it comes to jewelry, you definitely can’t get it wrong. To wear statement jewelry doesnot really mean you have to put on some flashy, big, jewelry. Instead, you can try out some of the best boho jewelry that are small, but interesting, subtly but would excellentlycause attractions to your style. Boho jewelry features all kinds of colorsand metalswith an intricate fairy tale-like design.

The hippie sub-culture of the 1960’sinfluenced the creation of Hippie jewelry, the hippie sub-culture was developed during the youth movement which started in the United State during the early 60s. In a bid to keep alive the spirit of this movement as well as to embrace the basic ethos of this subculture, which areartistic experimentation,free spirited, andharmony with nature. The Hippie jewelry was designed to reflect these sub-cultures with the use of natural materials such as modern alloy elements, wood, cotton, andleather, cotton. This jewelry are hand-made and unique – no two pieces of this jewelry will be exactly the same, each has its uniqueness.

The bohemian jewelry has been defined by Erin Siegel and Lorelei Eurtoas “an artistic, playful blend of textures and materials, which was inspired by nature”. You can put on this jewelry with either a solid-color cardigan, a handmade leather bag, wood-soled sandals, and a floral-print dress.Also, according to them, main features of bohemian jewelry include textured fibers like cords, ribbon, and leather, vibrant colors, and organic materials like clay, stones, and woods.