One of the most common problems in young and not so young couples is the inability to conceive children. This problem is one of the main causes of divorce worldwide. Due to ignorance, couples accuse each other of being the culprits of this impossibility. In ancient times, motivated that we were a patriarchal society where women did not have equal rights with men, they were even murdered if they did not have a child while they were married, in the best of cases they were returned to their families of origin as an unusable object or expelled to the good of God from their homes.

Nowadays, with the technical advances in medicine, everything that was previously exposed was literally in the past. Ilaya is a fertility clinic, whose main headquarters are located in the city of Valencia in Spain, where they have the latest equipment and a highly qualified staff so that their dream of being able to conceive a child can be realized with the least trauma possible.

They offer a complete range of personalized professional services for each of their patients given that each case is very particular. These services include a very accurate diagnosis of the problem, an effective treatment, and timely preventive measures.

Its goal is to eradicate the problem with minimal intervention in the patients’ body, which guarantees a short recovery time.

Among the services they offer you can mention:
In Vitro Fertilization: In the fertility clinic of Ilaya, they offer a program that includes a comprehensive approach that allows offering all the medical services necessary for an assisted reproduction in the same center. What differentiates Ilaya from other fertilization centers is that it does not limit the age of the future parents to apply the program or the number of times they wish to try it. Additionally, they offer a CryoBank in which couples can store their embryos for an unlimited period of time.
In Ilaya fertility clinic they do their best to fulfill your dreams.