The Sierra Big Foot is a saw which was originally developed to cut a couple of plates in a single pass, as well as thanks to Robert Hutchings who labored as a framer and carpenter for practically three decades started to be a cutter of 4X headers, exposed beams for decks, double 2X sandwich headers patios, 7 a lot more sheets associated with ½ “plywood with just a single cut and also fence posts 4 by 4. And it’s also precisely the Huge Foot ray saw regarding 10-1 / 4 “that places Huge Foot Equipment on the map. With Big Ft ., we do not take into account ourselves to end up being an average tool-making business every day, equally as neither will be the person who imagines the company which tools.

Huge Foot Resources is a company with fantastic experience in the field of carpentry and totally avant-garde. We offer unique and sturdy tools with affordable prices like the peashooter nail driver.

We take into account all products a work in improvement, so we are continually looking for ways to make the tools a lot more resistant, stronger and lighter in weight. The items made by Big Foot Equipment are made of the mineral magnesium, which has made us the very first company to provide a complete saw with all the defenses made of magnesium, and that similarly comply with the standards and requirements demanded by the Management of Work-related Safety and Health (OSHA) and data requirements.

We are especially happy to present our first product, the SKILSAW Card Kit 10-1 Or 4 “and it is easy to see why. These kinds of kits come with complete installment instructions and also take under 15 minutes to install them in your 7-1 And 4 “Skilsaw.

We have a tool that should not necessarily miss any carpenter who does pick-up work such as the Big Ft . Peashooter hammer with a Grip comfort handle.

Enter our own website and enjoy our variety of peashooter tool for sale. Do not accept imitations. If your distributor cannot provide you with a genuine Big Foot Tools e mail us and we will be at liberty to help.