Have you ever wondered why birds can fly? Is it because of its wings, or maybe because of its aerodynamically body that allows them to soar the beautiful blue sky? Well whatever the reason is, we humans could never fly on our own. That’s why we build machines that can help us to experience the life of a bird. Thanks to the Wright Brothers, humans can also dominate the skies whereas before this primordial homo sapiens are limited only to the ground. Since the days of your we have much improved on our engineering and flying skills. However, it is better for some to fly in an RC helicopter.

The cheerwing S107/107G makes it to the list of the best RC helicopters in the market today for its amazing features and a classy look. It’s very easy to fly for anyone but still considered a big boy helicopter. It depicts an appearance of a military grade helicopter and is a cool chopper for your kid. It fits easily on the palms of the hand and is an excellent pick for outdoor usage. It features a variety of colours such as red, yellow and blue but you may not land the colour of your choice as the model is so popular. Lastly not only does this rc helicopter can stabilize whilst flying, it is sensitive in gyro sensor. More over this radio helicopter is the best of its kind due to its outdoor ruggedness.

The helicopter comes with an infrared remote control with three primary parts; a central knob and two control sticks. The leftmost control stick helps accelerate the propeller sending you upwards or downwards. The right control stick allows you to lean back or forward or turn left and right. The central knob is used to cancel out any subtle once twisted. It’s important to note that one should fly indoors only as even the slightest gust of wind will send it spinning out of control. The build construction of the helicopter toy is sturdy as the inner construction of the model is metallic though the blades and body are plastic.