Mr X, 24, is living with the consequences of being taken in the face with a paintball. Mr X said, “I felt like my eyeball burst” when Mr Z fired the paintball to his face. The effects of the hit forced Mr. X into the floor.

Mr Z admits he fired the gun which left a deep effect on Mr. X that he’ll carry with him for the remainder of his life. Mr Z believed the gun was empty.

Both were cleaning and performing security checks on guns at Ape Paintball at Ratho, Scotland when the incident occurred. It appears that Mr Z picked up a mark after being taken by Mr. X. Mr Z being in the mood for a little bit of retaliation fired back in Mr X. What Mr Z didn’t understand was that the mark wasn’t empty. The barrel method was not assessed for ammunition.

After having a week at the hospital and having surgery to save his eyesight, Mr. X will possess lifelong vision problems.

Mr. Z is a college business student. As a result of this accident, Mr Z will cover lifelong consequences. Knowing that he, Mr. Z, forever ruined Mr. X’s eye is a hefty price to pay for a minute of not utilizing Paintball security rules.

Had the pair clinic Paintball security rules this accident wouldn’t have needed to happen. Gun shoot projectiles more than 200 mph and they’re capable of shooting over a dozen chunks at a second. Yes, they also leave marks and lumps on the skin but they aren’t harmful as long as you practice the security rules.

The straightforward method to practice security and to not have accidents would be to wear the appropriate protection. vforce paintball mask can shield your eyes, nose, ears and mouth by the sting of this paintball. So long as this gear is worn out a player is going to be protected from any injury in the ammunition.