Terms and Condition for making private server for game

For making maplestory private servernew version you can register into in-game account first or any forum and agree to their information which are found. This terms listed will be subjected to change not with any notice, but major changes will be announced but no guarantee. It is the player responsibility to check the thread more frequently for any updates.

• Duration of server ban is the guideline for the period generally a person is banned for breaking any of the specific rule. There is no guarantee regarding the banned period. It depends ultimately with the moderator who will ban you and for how long it can be.

• Offenses are down into two parts, major and minor disruption of game.

• If the moderator goes little lenient with any person that does not mean they will be same with you. If any favoritism is found, then it should be reported.

• By ignoring any information given by the provider will nerve be excused here.

Game Rules

The rules of game are divided into two parts of game disruptions; major and minor. The major game disruption is due to the result of permanent ban from first offense. While minor game disruption is different this is based on general ban duration along with which moderator who is handling your ban. Most commonly the ban duration for breaking the rules will be followed to 5 strikes than 3 strikes. It is not applicable to all rules.

For each ban one chance to appeal will be given. There is a ban appeal format in Malestory private servers maker website. The bans not following this format can be deleted, so make it again following the maker correct format. This appeal can be denied for no reason or any reason.